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Watches RICHARD MILLE RM 25-01 冒險家 史特龍陀飛輪計時碼錶

RICHARD MILLE RM 25-01 冒險家 史特龍陀飛輪計時碼錶

RICHARD MILLE RM 25-01 冒險家 史特龍陀飛輪計時碼錶
By Taiwan Tatler
August 17, 2018
RM 25-01 冒險家 史特龍陀飛輪計時碼錶由RICHARD MILLE與品牌摯友席維斯•史特龍(Sylvester Stallone)合作研發,充分體現了雙方對征服大自然極端環境的共同渴望。正如“螢幕硬漢”史特龍所言,“Ready for action(準備行動)!”——這款高級製錶業天外來客般的傑作,現已準備就緒!   Developed in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone, the new RM 25-01 Adventure tourbillon chronograph attests a desire on the part of Richard Mille and the artist to conquer the most thoroughly hostile of natural environments. Truly a horological UFO, this timepiece is, as Sylvester Stallone says, ‘Ready for action.’

史特龍始終偏愛那些能給人留下深刻印象的腕錶。許多人都注意到,他在自導自演的影片《敢死隊3》中,從頭至尾都佩戴著一款配有紅色錶帶的RM 032 潛水腕錶。對探險者來說,指南針是必不可少的重要裝備,史特龍也特別提出此項要求。因此,RM 25-01沿襲了RM 032的設計,採用適合準確顯示時間及安裝指南針的圓形錶盤。在機芯方面,RM 25-01陀飛輪機芯達到RICHARD MILLE代表性技術迄今為止的最佳水準。

Stallone has always had a distinct preference for imposing wristwatches. Many noted the RM 032 on a red strap that he wore throughout The Expendables 3, which he also directed. It was thus incumbent on the RM 25-01 to adopt the round shape of the former, perfect for accurate reading of the time and suitable for housing a compass, a crucial piece of equipment no adventurer should be without, which Stallone specially requested. In terms of movement, the caliber RM25-01 tourbillon is Richard Mille’s signature technicity at its best.

RM 25-01採用的技術,旨在為探險者們提供一種工具,使他們無論身處何處,都能安然無恙,行動自如。RM 25-01防水深度達100米,配有兩組可替換錶圈。第一組是經DLC塗層處理的五級鈦合金指南針錶圈,配有固定式及可旋轉式錶圈各一個。位於4點鐘位置的水平儀可檢查腕錶是否完全水平,使測向更加準確。第二組是TPT®碳纖維和鈦合金製成的雙向日間錶圈,並配有24小時刻度、360°刻度盤以及基本方向指示。在2點鐘位置有一個五級鈦合金密封容器,可存放淨水藥片。

RM 25-01 was to provide a tool that would allow adventurers to get around safely, wherever they might be. Water resistant to 100 metres, the RM 25-01 comes with two interchangeable bezels. The first is a compass in grade 5 titanium with a DLC coating that has both a fixed and a rotating bezel. A spirit level located at 4 o’clock makes it possible to check that the watch is perfectly horizontal for better readings. The compass bezel may be switched out by the wearer for a bidirectional bezel in Carbon TPTR and titanium, with a 24-hour scale, a 360° graduated disc, and indications for the cardinal directions. At 2 o’clock, a hermetic compartment in grade 5 titanium can hold water purification tablets.

該錶款與史特龍聯合設計,全球限量20只。為符合其所體現的冒險精神,錶帶採用印有迷彩圖案的天然橡膠製成,配以五級鈦合金錶扣,錶殼底蓋的人體工學曲線設計與佩戴者腕部完美貼合,所有RICHARD MILLE的標誌性元素一如既往呈現出專屬卓越的品質與風格。

In keeping with the spirit of adventure that emanates from this limited edition of 20 pieces, designed with ‘Sly’ Stallone, a sculptural strap in natural rubber sporting a camouflage motif and a strong pinbuckle in grade 5 titanium keep the ergonomic curves of this imposing case securely on the wrist as only the Richard Mille brand knows how.


Watches RICHARD MILLE 席維斯 史特龍 Sylvester Stallone 陀飛輪 計時碼錶 RM 25-01 冒險家


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