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Wellness 第一次做瑜伽就上手!5個瑜伽愛好者一定要追蹤的IG帳號


By Tchata Lu
By Tchata Lu
June 05, 2020
近年瑜伽儼然成為全世界的健康流行運動,從頂級瑜珈墊、專家教學到瑜伽旅行...以下推薦5個瑜伽愛好者一定要追蹤的IG! Main Image: Liforme

1/5 @liforme



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STAY GROUNDED. 🌍✨🙌🏼 ​​.. ​​May your Liforme Yoga Mat be your oasis, your calm amidst the storm, your stable and steady place, your escape from surrounding uncertainty. Step onto your mat and you make the rules. You decide whether to move intensely or sit quietly, whether today calls for powerful Vinyasa or a calming Child’s Pose. .. ​​Love and gratitude to @jessaddflavor, spotted here on her White Magic Mat by a high flying eagle ​🦅​. Don’t forget, 5% of sales of Liforme’s White Magic Mats go to support our official Charity Partner @friends_earth, who work tirelessly to protect our home planet for the benefit of us all. ❤️🙏 .. ​​#yogamat #maketherules #takecontrol #vinyasa #childspose #practice #homeyoga #birdseyeview #whitemagic #stone #yoga #liforme #liformeyogamat

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2/5 @yogachannel


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“Some days will be more for reflection while others will be more for action and you must honor them both.”🙌 Lamise lengthens in her Axis Pant by @aloyoga 💜

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3/5 @yoga.tuts



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Photo by @yoga_scoop ✨

Yoga(@yoga.tuts)分享的貼文 於 張貼

4/5 @kwiztoe

如果你很喜歡戶外運動,不妨跟著Crystal一起到山上做瑜伽!鎖定@kwiztoe,不定期限定推出的「山徑瑜伽 Hiking Yoga」與超實用的教學小影片,顛覆你對瑜伽的想像,原來瑜伽可以這麼有趣!

5/5 @aloyoga

工欲善其事,必先利其器!在展開你的瑜伽旅程之前,先購買一套舒適的機能瑜珈服裝吧!來自LA的Alo Yoga,為眾多瑜伽愛好者與歐美名人推崇的運動服飾品牌,而因設計團隊為一群瑜珈愛好者,便相當注重貼身舒適、機能性與排汗快乾,Alo則是Air 空氣、Land 大地、Ocean 海洋的字首縮寫,代表品牌對於大自然的重視與尊重。

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Make time to stretch + extend 💙 Find yourself moving a little less than normal? Get your flow on at home with @alomoves!✨ Start your free 14 day trial today!🌀 #yoga #stayhome

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